About Clay

Growing up i always had an interest in animals, but not really in hunting, fishing or the outdoors at all if ‘m being honest. I picked up a camera for the first time in 2015 to photograph trains. From there I began photographing the buildings and landscapes that were near the tracks. As my interest in landscape photography grew I began seeking out better opportunities which led me to some of the most rural parts of southeast Missouri. After getting my first telephoto lens I began photographing wildlife at local conservation areas, wildlife refuges and all that fell in between. These days i photograph both landscapes and wildlife on private and public lands in Missouri and Illinois primarily. I’m proud of my photography accomplishments, but the best thing to come out of this hobby is my love of the outdoors.

I hope that my photography can inspire people to appreciate the beauty in the world around them, and to better understand how our actions as a society impact ecosystems and lives that we often can’t even see.

2020 Photo Exhibit Schedule

If you’d like to see some of my photos in person, here’s your chance. One of the great things about photography is getting to share your experiences with others. Every year i book several exhibits at Nature Centers and art galleries around the area with hopes of sharing my passion for the outdoors with others. Missouri’s Nature Centers offer great ways for people of all ages to get in touch with nature. They offer hiking trails, indoor and outdoor bird viewing, education play areas and they often have classes and presentations that are free to attend.

MAR   |   Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center – Kirkwood MO
APR    |   Charleston Historical Society – Charleston MO
MAY    |   Cape Conservation Nature Center – Cape Girardeau MO
JUL     |   Sikeston Depot Museum – Sikeston MO
AUG    |   Sikeston Depot Museum – Sikeston MO
SEP     |   August A. Busch Conservation Area – Saint Charles MO

My Awards & Accomplishments

Here’s a few of the awards that i have been fortunate enough to win over the last few years.

2019         Best in Show, Mingo National Wildlife Refuge
2019         Honorable Mention, Margaret Harwell Art Museum
2018         Director’s Choice, Missouri River Bird Observatory
2018         Finalist, Missouri Lottery Calendar Contest
2018         Best in Show, Mingo National Wildlife Refuge
2018         Honorable Mention, Margeret Harwelll Art Museum
2017         1st Place, Native Wildlife @ Crab Orchard NWR
2017         1st Place, Native Wildlife @ Mingo NWR
2016         1st Place, Native Plantlife @ Mingo NWR