2022 Calendar – Behind the Scenes

By now 2022 calendar delivers are being delivered. This year has been a success with 70+ sold to people in 6 different states. As always, a huge thanks to everyone has purchased one, be it this year or in years past. Calendars are one of my biggest sources of revenue for this "hobby". Proceeds from calendar sales directly help cover gas and lodging costs when making these trips. And ultimately, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy putting it together each year. I'll hush now, and let you read more about each of the photos in this years calendar. Unfortunately, that's also more of me talking. This photo was taken near Dogwood Missouri last winter. We don't get a ton of…


Chasing Steam

Several months back Union Pacific announced that Big Boy #4014, the largest locomotive ever built, would be going on a journey that would take it through 9 states over several weeks and that it would pass through our area via the Hoxie and Chester subdivisions on its way north to Saint Louis. As the date drew closer, a better timetable came into picture. The train would spend Friday night tucked away in the yard at Poplar Bluff and then would depart Saturday morning at 8am. It would then be on display for about 30 minutes in Scott City at around 11am while crews performed maintenance. From there it would proceed north into Illinois and again stop in Chester before finishing it's journey to Saint Louis…


Dogwood-Azelea Festival Exhibit

Hope you guys are all doing well. The featured photo above was taken during the Dogwood-Azalea Festival a few years ago. The home is one of the many beautiful ones in Charleston during this time of year. This Thursday through Sunday is the annual Dogwood-Azalea festival in Charleston Missouri. This event brings people from all over to check out the bloomed Dogwood trees and Azalea bushes in all their current beauty. They also have activities including a carnival, a large craft fair, parade and other events to see. Check out the website link below for more information. It truly is worth a drive from almost anywhere to see! https://www.charlestonmo.org/festival/ This year the Mississippi County Historical Society invited me to exhibit some photos during the festival.…


Photos @ Cape Nature Center

The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center reopened to the public this week which means it's a perfect time to take your family (and your favorite masks) out to enjoy the exhibits or to hike the trails around the facility. Beginning Saturday through the end of March I'll have photos on display at the facility. Some fresh new work taken in the last two years mixed with some of my favorites from the past. I hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to contact me for any questions. Below is the address for anyone who hasn't been: Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center2289 County Park Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701


Winter landscapes

In southeast Missouri it seems we only get a good snow every 2-3 years. Each year we typically get a little snow, but generally there's not much of it and it’s often too warm for it to stick around long. But the last two weeks have treated us (and much of the US) to an ice storm and two snow storms. Even more impressive is that this all happened during a period where we didn’t get above freezing for over 2 straight weeks. I only took a couple photos during these events due t other obligations, but here’s a handful of winter landscapes I’ve taken over the last several years. The first two are the ones from this last week.


Behind the Photo: 2021 Calendar

I mistakenly left off image descriptions in this years calendar which has led to many questions from those of you who have bought copies. So here's a back story for each month in the calendar. January - Belted Kingfisher I've made several attempts to photograph Belted Kingfishers over the last several years and never came away with a photo i really liked. They are typically very skittish and very intolerant of human presence. On this morning i was setup on the ground covered in a ghillie blanket along a dense tree line photographing waterfowl when i started seeing this female Kingfisher bouncing from tree to tree. She finally paused on a nearby branch just long enough for a shot. February - Xray Trees This photo…


Announcement: 2021 Photo Calendar!

For the third consecutive year i am offering a photography calendar of images that i have taken over the last year or so. I'm now taking pre-orders through October with an expected delivery of late November. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a calendar over the last few years, your support is amazing! Shop Now!


Fall waterfowl migration at Ten Mile Pond

For the last several months i have been eagerly awaiting the fall migration. And while i enjoy all that the migration brings, admittedly i was mostly excited about the Ducks. I went out Saturday morning to a spot where i had seen some dabblers several times lately, and even though i heard them all around me, they never materialized in the spot where i setup. The morning was cold, the wildchill dropping into the low teens. Cold enough that during my stay the water around my tripod had frozen a light layer of ice and my makeshift blind crunched when it moved. It was a fairly unpleasant experience, but one that was exaggerated by me never taking a photo. Sunday morning i decided to try…


My first experience with a Red Fox family

This spring I was fortunate to spend some time with a Red Fox family not far from my home. Several months before, a family member had tipped me off to the location and had even okayed with their boss for me to use the otherwise private property. This was an opportunity that i was very excited tot have and one that i took very seriously. Anytime you're photographing wildlife it's important to learn as much as possible about the species you are working with before you even head into the field. Not only does this increase your likelyhood of getting the shot by being able to better predict and understand their behaviors and routines, but it can also keep you and your subject safe. Getting…


Blue-winged Teal at Ten Mile Pond

Daylight savings time recently loaned me some extra daylight hours at the end of the work-day which means that i am no longer chained to shooting just on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately by the time this happens the waterfowl count has began to drop as the migratory birds begin to move on back north. The featured photo above was one that i wasn't sure was going to happen at all. I ended the workday in East Prairie which put me in town early enough to get home, change clothes and get to Ten Mile and setup with plenty of time before sunset. The weather was in-and-out cloudiness and even in the minutes leading up to the shot the clouds were working over the near-setting sun causing…


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